The top math and coding learning agency

Are you interested in developing real technology & learning skills. SSLA is the perfect place for you to start. We use an approach that will keep you engaged.

Coding Classes

We will never put your development or learning in the hands of videos covering coding topics. This approach will make learning technology a boring process in mostly ineffective. We have you engage in the lessons the entire way of learning to code.

Learn at your pace

We can move as fast or slow as you would like in your coding/math lessons. We have fast paced days long coding boot camps & math boot camps. Also, we have hourly sessions that will allow you to schedule sessions at your preferred timing.

Career Path

During the coding class. You may decide that technology is the field that you would love a career in. You can take these coding classes for fun. Or you can take them to pave the way for your career in technology.


Coding Classes & Tutoring

your growth during coding classes and tutoring will be a joint effort. We will work hard with you to ensure you are striving for accomplishment. Every step of the way we will be with you.

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Fun & Engaging

We take the most sophisticated subject material and break it down to be understandable and fun to learn. Our approach to teaching material will have you looking forward to our next meeting.

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Technology Based Aproach

You will enjoy working with us, because we are definitely different. We use many technologies as learning tools oftenly. We believe the use of technology is stimulating and will help you be more efficient & productive as you work towards your goals.

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Support & Development

We don’t look at what we do as teaching a subject. We will develop you to become an independent learner. We challenge and show you how to effectively analyze and approach material that you will struggle with. You will never be left behind as we will support your journey every step of the way.

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